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Online Dating for Beginners

Well hello folks and welcome to another post on the Enabled Love Blog!

A lot of you will be new to sites like ours and so we felt it was time we wrote something about online dating and the search for love online. After all, it's what we do!

Whether you're a person with a disability or an “able” bodies person, the situation is the same for everyone. We're pleased no matter what your situation is that you've come to Enabled Love, the fastest growing global dating site for helping people with disabilities meet their perfect matches, disabled, non-disabled or otherwise.

First thing is first – when it comes to internet dating it's natural to feel excited, apprehensive, nervous and a little bit unsure. This is something that doesn't depend on disability – it's universal. So take a deep breath and know that if you're feeling any (or all) of these things then you're off to a very normal start. And if you feel none of these things then you're one seriously cool customer!

Here are three simple suggestions to guide you on your online dating journey towards meeting new people and experiencing new things:

  1. After you sign up to EnabledLove (well done on that), make sure you take some time to fill out your profile. The dating profile is like a shop window, you need to stock it well and show off what's great about you. Do you love pets? Write it! Do you have some photos of yourself? Add them! There are most likely thousands of members in your area and if you're to find Mr. or Mrs. Right then you need to show those people something about you to help them find you.
  2. you can start searching! Whoo hoo!! It's always tempting to get straight into the searches and looking for people to speak to but point 1 on this list is super important people, so don't forget about it ;-) As for searching, that part is easy. Use our advanced search feature for in-depth searches to help you discover that particular person you're looking for. Maybe location is important, or age, or something else (shoe size?!!!). Whatever it is, filter all of the single members down and we're sure you'll see a few profiles that interest you!
  3. Make contact!! Sounds a little scary, but really it's not and it gets easier and easier the more people you contact. Then the responses come in and you're well on your way to meeting new people, some disabled, some not, but all here for the same reason – to find companionship without judgement.

One final tip – when you contact someone you'd like to get chatting with, make sure you don't just copy and paste an introduction message. Take the time to look at their profile and mention something in your message that shows you're really interested. Maybe it's an item of clothing they are wearing or a place they're visiting in the photograph on their profile? Maybe it's something they write about themselves in their description? Whatever it is, comment on it and they're much more likely to reply to you.

Stick with these simple online dating for beginners rules and you'll be meeting new people on before you know it!

Good luck!!